Saturday, 27 December 2008

Painted Pebbles

I first painted pebbles in the 1970s. After a gap of about twenty years I did some more and, for a brief spell, sold them as part of a craft business that my wife and I set up. Then the supply of pebbles ran out because we don't have any shingle beaches locally.
These three are all that remain of all the ones that I did. They survived because I gave them to Mum and then inherited them again when she died. They depict a Puffin; her favourite butterfly - a Camberwell Beauty (not that she ever saw one); and her favourite duck - the Ruddy Duck with its bright blue beak - one of which lived on one of the Cheshire ponds that she and Dad used to sit by in their car.

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  1. These are not the only survivors in the family. I, too, have at least one: a butterfly.